3RD ASSET ATM SERVICES provides St. Louis and St. Charles business owners with lucrative, customized ATM programs and services. By partnering with 3rd Asset, you can create an environment of increased customer spending, fewer returned checks and lower merchant processing fees. We will create a program for an ATM machine for your place of business.

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We provide the top of the line ATM with the strictest card security measures: No Charge

We provide your business with an ATM window sign to alert your patrons. No Charge

We place ATM in your establishment: No Charge

We load the ATM with seed money once placed in establishment: No Charge

We are available for ATM Maintenance calls to fix or repair machine: No Charge

We monitor the machines and reload so ATM is never low on cash: No Charge


We pay you a portion of the surcharge so you make money with every transaction

We Insure all of our machines against damage or theft

Pages to sign to get an ATM in your establishment: 2


We’re local, so we care about your business and are available at a moment’s notice

We Insure all of our machines against damage or theft

Two things we require: 2 square feet of space & internet connection


If you are considering having an ATM placed in your business, you may be wondering if its worth the investment. These top benefits of ATMs show just how useful it can be.

  • We PAY YOU a portion of the surcharge so you make money with EVERY TRANSACTION!
  • We provide your business with an ATM WINDOW SIGN to alert your patrons: NO CHARGE!
  • Two Things We Require: 2 Square Feet of Space & Internet Connection!
  • Your COST of investment: NOTHING!
  • We place ATM in your establishment: NO CHARGE!
  • We MONITOR and RELOAD the machines so that your ATM is never low on cash: NO CHARGE!

Smart business owners always seek new ways to grow their business and increase their revenue. One great way to help your business’s profits is by installing an ATM at your business.

ATM users spend an estimated 20% to 25% more money than those who do not use an ATM. Retail stores with an ATM also increase the business’s sales by about 8%. Furthermore, an ATM lessens the need for your business to accept checks or credit cards, thereby reducing the money your business spends on credit card fees.



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