The Mission & Vision

Mission: To become a trusted source in providing convenient cash at your fingertips in any business or event.

Vision: To be the number one source locally for ATM machines and services.

By partnering with 3RD Asset ATM Services, you support creating an environment of increased customer spending, fewer returned checks and lower merchant processing fees. This enables an increase of foot traffic, sales and customer retention. These benefits help customers skip the long waits at the bank. And with the banks shifting to online and mobile banking, our ATM’s remain relevant as we adapt to the latest technology and placing ATM’s anywhere needed for our customer’s convenience.

As we continue to expand our relationships and provide ATM’s to businesses everywhere, please review our investor packet. The 3RD Asset ATM Services investor information includes our business model, ATM specifications and most important your profit as an investor.

Michael C Barber III

CEO & Founder

Darius J Wynn